About Our JATC

Meet the staff

Andy Toft

Training Director
Email: atoft@scmnjatc.org
Phone: 507-529-7721

Dan Goodew​

Apprenticeship Instructor​
Email: dgoodew@scmnjatc.org

Mike Bambrick

Apprenticeship Instructor

Email: mbambrick@scmnjatc.org

Mike Wicks

Apprenticeship Instructor
Email: mwicks@scmnjatc.org

Julie Strike

Apprentice Administrator
Email: jstrike@scmnjatc.org

Committee Members

Getting Paid to Learn a Craft

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee is made up of eight members. Four members represent management (contractors), and four members represent labor (union members). The current committee members are:


Kristin Causby, Minneapolis NECA

Kevin Hauschild, BLK Electric, Inc

Jordan Barnes, Accord Electric

Brent Morey, Hunt Electric


Josh Ailts, Journeyman

Mike Gillard, Journeyman

Chad Katzung, Business Manager

Sean Sannes, Journeyman

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