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Electrical JATC

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Electrical JATC

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What's a JATC?

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) is a group composed of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and NECA (National Electrical Contractors’ Association) representatives that oversees the education and training of Electrical Apprentices.

What's an Apprentice?

Getting Paid to Learn a Craft

An Electrical Apprentice is a person who is paid to receive classroom and on-the-job training to become a professional electrician. A person who has finished an Electrical Apprenticeship is now called a Journeyperson Electrician.

What You Learn

Hands-on Training From the Pros

Electrical Basics

Electrical Safety

Electrical Wiring & Code

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The Benefits

Why This is Such a Great Deal

Top Notch Labs and Facilities

About Us

Meet Our Core Instructors

Michael Bambrick Jr.

Training Director

Phone: 507-529-7721

Daniel Goodew​

Apprenticeship Instructor​

Dustyn Marks

Apprenticeship Instructor


Michael Wicks

Apprenticeship Instructor

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